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21-Feb-2017 14:00

EH Landlord Services Ltd is opening an office in Polesworth in North Warwickshire at 29 Bridge Street. The official opening date is on 1st March 2017.

Property damage, cleaning costs, missed rental payments, furniture damage…

The majority of landlords take an inventory and collect a deposit to safeguard their investment against these nightmare scenarios. You must be aware of the following facts:

FACT: You must protect your tenant’s deposit in a government-approved scheme if you let in England.
FACT: The full deposit is returned to the tenant unless you can demonstrate otherwise
FACT: You must provide evidence of the breach of contract to withhold any amount of the tenant’s deposit.

Landlords and tenants usually agree on the amount of deposit returned. However, if it escalates to a dispute then you must provide sufficient evidence to prove the tenant’s wrong doing and reclaim the money.

FACT: A poorly prepared inventory that misses key evidence will make claiming what is rightfully owed to you difficult

An inventory should provide this evidence and is a crucial part of any letting agreement. EH Landlord Services conducts professional, evidence-based Inventories for £50 per property (flat fee no matter what the size of property from studio to 4 bed detached); produced by our own qualified, specially selected Property Inspectors. You will receive a comprehensive report providing you with evidence of the whole property, its fixtures and fittings. Every Inventory is:

• Systematic
• Descriptive
• Photographic

Letting And Management
Tax advisors, Book-keeping and Accountancy



Dear Ed, As requested, written notification of my termination. I will be moving out on February 25th 2012. I would like to thank you for being an excellent landlord and will gladly recommend you should I ever be asked. Thank you once again.

Julia Evans


We're relocating to Thailand soon, and we wanted to keep our property in the UK. EH Landlord Services showed us how to do that and achieve a healthy positive monthly cashflow. We didn't get good advice like that from any other agent.

Mr. P. C, Warkwickshire


I like working with Ed, because we get regular work and paid straight away as soon as the job is done, and he carries the invoice risk/delay with the landlord

Gas Fitter, Mr M M, Tamworth


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