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21-Feb-2017 14:00

EH Landlord Services Ltd is opening an office in Polesworth in North Warwickshire at 29 Bridge Street. The official opening date is on 1st March 2017.

Expensive failures…

Landlords who do not maintain their properties are putting themselves at increasing risk of legal action from their tenants and from government housing inspectors:

FACT: Relatively minor maintenance issues grow into larger more expensive repairs very quickly. It is always best to act on them fomr a cost and service perspective.
FACT: Residential letting properties with gas services need an annual Gas Safety Certificate from a registered GasSafe engineer (formally CORGI registered engineer)
FACT:Periodic property inspections and service schedules highlight minor maintenance needs and enable tenant feedback to be acted upon immediately. Why wait until the tenant complains about something. Tenants are customers. They vote with their feet if things are not right and often they don’t tell you the real reason why they are leaving.

EH Landlord services protect your investment properties by putting together periodic inspection and service schedules that catch problems early.

Similar to an MOT for your car, our service schedules give you peace of mind that your property is performing well and highlights any concerns or issues that may be higher risk. We make service recommendations, then act on your instructions, so you are in control. For very busy landlords or overseas landlords, we can also act for you independently, subject to your standing instructions.

FACT: Poorly maintained properties can be a health hazard, and the local councils have the right to enforce action to be taken if the landlord doesn't cooperate and resolve Category 1 incidents. Legal action, penalties and other measures, including jail-sentences have been applied in the past for landlords who do not take resonable action to make their properties fit for habitation

Tenants often show their dissatisfaction in unexpected ways without necessarily voicing their concerns; some symptoms are partial rent payments, missed rent payments, lengthening arrears, property damage, and a general lack of domestic cleaning/tidying

EH Landlord Services work with the best local, regional and national property maintenance companies to deliver the most timely, low-cost solutions. Our service schedules help to protect landlords from large losses relating to their obligations under their tenancy agreements, and enable a faster response to tenants; improving tenant satisfaction.
EH Landlord Services provide regular services, maintenance and certifications for rental properties. . Call us on 01827 898213.

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Dear Ed, As requested, written notification of my termination. I will be moving out on February 25th 2012. I would like to thank you for being an excellent landlord and will gladly recommend you should I ever be asked. Thank you once again.

Julia Evans


We're relocating to Thailand soon, and we wanted to keep our property in the UK. EH Landlord Services showed us how to do that and achieve a healthy positive monthly cashflow. We didn't get good advice like that from any other agent.

Mr. P. C, Warkwickshire


I like working with Ed, because we get regular work and paid straight away as soon as the job is done, and he carries the invoice risk/delay with the landlord

Gas Fitter, Mr M M, Tamworth


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